Bitcoin jumps 9% on BTC ‘ETF’ launch

Today Will Heasman looks into a potential rival for Facebook’s Libra coin, Arthur Hayes’ cryptic announcement that Bitcoin will be going to 20k on Wednesday night, and VanEck’s sneaky attempt to get a bitcoin “ETF” on the market. Source Author:

Bakkt is PUMPING Bitcoin!? + Binance takes on Facebook!

SUBSCRIBE for the latest news, analyses, and interviews on Bitcoin & cryptocurrency!Chepicap’s Will Heasman delves into the latest Bakkt news and how it might be affecting the Bitcoin markets; plus, a look at Binance’s newest project Venus and how it’s rivaling Facebook’s attempts to create a global currency. Source Author:

3 ways Bitcoin can hit $1 million!

Chepicap’s Will Heasman delves into all the theories behind Bitcoin reaching $1 million from the simple principles of supply and demand, to BTC overtaking fiat currency completely; plus, Will takes a look at the staunch supporters of these predictions, who have placed their reputation (and sometimes more) on Bitcoin reaching Read more…