Binance has been promoting its Futures Affiliate Program with its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, telling his followers to “monetize your friends.”

Would you monetize your friends? Some people might find the comment a little strange, but Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao thinks it’s a good way to promote his exchange’s referrals.

Binance CEO and “Monetizing Your Friends”

In a recent retweet, Zhao promoted Binance’s Futures Affiliate Program where one can earn up to 40% on trading fees. Any friends you invite also receive a 10% discount. As Zhao put it, the opportunity is perfect for those looking to “monetize their friends.” A strange comment, no less, and it was met with general confusion.

Is it appropriate to see your friends as opportunities for monetization? Some on cryptocurrency Twitter didn’t take too kindly to the insinuation.

Perhaps Zhao’s latest comments provide us with a window into how he thinks of ‘friends’—or maybe it was just intended as a joke. Still, roping your friends into referrals is generally a bad idea, especially if they start blaming you for their losses in the future. Many of us who went through the 2017 bull run know this very well, especially after coming back for the holidays in 2018 to disappointed faces.

Binance Changpeng Zhao

Let’s Talk About Zhao’s Twitter

Zhao is among the most outspoken individuals in the blockchain industry which has often garnered some unwanted controversy for the Binance CEO. For example, as BeInCrypto has previously reported, Zhao has been unrepentant amidst critics who say that he outright shills Binance Coin (BNB) and Bitcoin (BTC). “I will personally continue to shill both,” he wrote in a tweet earlier this month. 

His most famous tweet, however, remains the one from August 2019 when he told users to “slap yourself if you sold BTC under $10,000.” That prediction has been the butt of endless jokes ever since Bitcoin dropped under $10,000 last year.

Zhao likely won’t stop being as outspoken in 2020 and we can be assured that the controversies will continue to follow.

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Author: Anton Lucian