Rolling 30 day correlation between bitcoin and the S&P500 Index hit all time highs this past week, according data compiled by The Block from Coin Metrics and FactSet.

Since bitcoin’s inception, the correlation between bitcoin and the S&P500 has gyrated, switching between negative and positive several times — a sign of a non-significant relationship. Still, recent bitcoin correlation to the S&P500 tends to peak during sharp pullbacks in the price of bitcoin, as shown in the below chart. 

Source: The Block, Coin Metrics, FactSet


U.S. and European equities have taken a beating throughout the month of March, as investors continue to digest the economic impact of the coronavirus. In the past 30 days (21 trading days) the S&P500 is down more than 30% from its peak. This week, however, bitcoin offered a reprieve from the sell-off. By last check, Bitcoin is up nearly 20% since last Sunday versus the S&P500 which closed the week down 7.5%, according to FactSet. 

Author: Ryan Todd