Exploring Innovation at The Sandbox Creator Day 2023 in Hong Kong

The Sandbox Creator Day 2023 in Hong Kong was not just an event; it was a showcase of the future, a testament to the power of community, and a celebration of creativity. With over 18 creators, the event was a vibrant hub for sharing experiences and knowledge that are shaping the digital landscape.

A Game of Interaction and Rewards

Upon arrival, each guest was greeted with a BINGO card, a passport to the day’s adventure. Each creator’s booth offered a unique stamp, turning the event into an interactive game. The more lines you completed, the richer the merch package you could claim. Our team at Cryptoticker.io was thrilled to secure two Sandbox-branded backpacks with 15 stamps and three lines. The maximum five lines promised even greater rewards, including live avatar creation and a showcase of land or NFT ownership. The professionalism and positive atmosphere made for an engaging experience in brand communication.

Announcements that Shape the Future

The Sandbox CEO, Sebastien Borget, made a groundbreaking announcement that the mobile version of The Sandbox would be released next year, promising more fun and accessibility for users. Additionally, the release of “The Game Maker Version 0.9” was a highlight, offering creators enhanced functions and logic for their creations. Our Cryptoticker.io experience was built on the previous 0.8 engine, but we eagerly anticipate testing the new features.

A Dance of Digital and Physical Worlds

The day culminated in a dance battle that blurred the lines between the virtual and the real. Ten dancers took to the stage, battling it out in two intense rounds. A three-person jury had the tough job of deciding the winner, while the dancers’ moves were simultaneously animated as Sandbox avatars on a backdrop screen—a fusion of technology and talent.

Community at the Core

The Sandbox‘s commitment to community, music, art, fashion, gaming, and culture was evident throughout the event. The partnership with Aavegotchi was another highlight, reinforcing the collaborative spirit of the platform.

Memorable Encounters

Our interaction with the CEO during Apefest, captured in a photo we’ve previously shared, was a precursor to the Creator Day. This side event at SohoHouse in Hong Kong drew an impressive crowd of 750-1000 guests. The presence of a young school class, who created their own avatars, added a fresh and inspiring dimension to the event.


The Sandbox Creator Day 2023 was more than an event; it was a glimpse into a future where technology enhances creativity and community. As we look forward to the mobile version and the new Game Maker capabilities, we invite you to stay engaged, keep creating, and be a part of this exciting journey with The Sandbox.