Get Ready for Gotchiverse: The Sandbox’s New Adventure

Hey there, gamers! Have you heard about “Ripples of the Gotchiverse“? It’s the latest buzz in town, thanks to the cool folks at Aavegotchi teaming up with The Sandbox Game. They’ve got something special lined up for us on November 9th, and I’ve got the inside scoop on what’s going down.

Score Big While Having a Blast

This isn’t just another game – it’s a treasure hunt. There’s a whopping 50K $SAND in the pot, and it’s there for the taking if you’re up for the challenge.

Gear Up and Go for Gold

If you’re the type who likes to dress to impress, then you’re in luck. Deck out your character with some fancy Aavegotchi gear from The Sandbox’s marketplace, and you could be looking at a nice chunk of that 35K $SAND prize pool. And keep those eyes peeled – there’s talk of some exclusive perks for those rocking legendary equipment.

Be Your Avatar and Win

For all you avatar fans, it’s your time to shine. Finish the game with your Aavegotchi avatar, and you could snag a share of 15K $SAND. If you’re already an Aavegotchi NFT holder, you’ve got an avatar waiting for you in The Sandbox. If not, no worries – grab an Aavegotchi from the baazaar, and you’re all set.

Solve Riddles and Earn More

Love a good brain teaser? Then the 5K $GHST Reward Pool is calling your name. Head over to, crack some riddles, and if you’re one of the top 50 sleuths, you’ll get a piece of the pie.

Stay in the Loop

Don’t miss out on any news! Keep an eye on the Ripples of the Gotchiverse‘s page in the Aavegotchi Game Center. That’s where you’ll get to jump into the game come November 9th.


So, what’s the takeaway? “Ripples of the Gotchiverse” is more than just a game – it’s a chance to join a community, have fun, and maybe even fill your virtual wallet. Mark your calendar for November 9th, because that’s when the adventure begins. Get ready to play, explore, and let’s make some waves in the Gotchiverse together. See you there!