Glip Collaborates With Leading Web2 Studios To Boost Web3 Gaming

In only three months, the top Web3 game discovery app Glip has added more than 100,000 users and exceeded 1 million wallet creations. The app also detected a significant demand for Web3 gaming, which led to over 50,000 verified earners.

The Web3 gaming market is expanding, but one of the biggest challenges is finding actual gamers rather than just speculators. Additionally, crypto advertisements are not supported by current Web2 platforms, and the play-to-earn scholarship model observes little interest during choppy market circumstances.

Glip set out on a mission to increase the accessibility and discoverability of Web3 games after becoming aware of such shortcomings some time ago. The platform has shown to be incredibly effective, and in Q4 2022, its ecosystem generated more than 1 million new wallets.

These wallets were created by actual gamers with the intention of exploring play-to-earn methods. Additionally, this quarter, over 100,000 gamers used Glip to access new Web3 games, with around half of them earning money while playing.

Glip has many facets to its expanding success. The platform, which includes Axie Infinity, Netmarble, PlayDapp, Kakao Games, Neowiz, and others, has collaborations with some of the best Web3 game developers and publishers. Second, it gives games additional resources to grow their user bases via social interactions, missions, and competitions.

Glip Founder & COO Ishan Shrivastava adds:

“Glip has created one million unique gamer wallets in Q4 2022. Our community is learning to use exchanges, swaps, and NFT marketplaces with their earnings. Web3 games are unlocking new economic opportunities & enabling DeFi literacy for millions of young people across the world, and we are super excited to accelerate this revolution.”

These additional elements provide a much-needed diversion from the scholarship features. Scholarships are a significant component of P2E gaming, but they are unpopular when crypto markets perform poorly. Additionally, the popularity of game tokens and NFTs have declined, pushing Web3 games to switch to free-to-play business models in order to appeal to actual players rather than speculators.

Because of Glip’s Questing method, it is simpler for Web3 games to draw in real people to play them. In-game milestones may be linked to missions that generate cryptocurrency prizes. The notion has gained traction as a result of notable gaming guilds’ use of this technology to improve their exposure

In order to connect with their communities, establish new marketplaces, and provide players with fresh reasons to check out Web3 games, companies like as YGG, GuildFi, Avocado DAO, and others employ questing.

Glip Founder & CEO Parth Choudhary states:

“My journey with gaming quests started with World of Warcraft. Now with Web3 games, gamers from any part of the world can earn crypto for completing quests. Glip has empowered 50k earners from emerging markets to date, and we are working closely with top studios to scale to millions in 2023.”

Glip’s approach is a brand-new user acquisition strategy that provides players with incentives to check out Web3 games. These gamers also get bonuses for reaching milestones, assuring genuine player dedication.

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