Kizumi: A Social Club To Build, Share And Connect With Others In The Metaverse

Kizumi, a Web 3.0 brand, has created a welcoming environment for people sharing similar interests, passions, and ambitions to come together and find their reality in the metaverse.

Kizumi is a social club with a mission of building a globally recognizable brand that transcends the metaverse and impacts the physical world. The Kizumi team seeks to build a brand that brings like-minded people from across the world together around the same interest and experiences.

The Kizumi project was created by a group of friends hanging out while having dinner and began playing with ideas of ways to grow their group organically. The group sought to bring on board other people who shared their values and interest in finance, sport, finance, anime, video games, crypto, and more. The group of friends then proceeded to create a space within the metaverse where people with similar outlooks could freely connect with others on a community level. 

The Kizumi community is a true metaverse community that gathers on Discord. Kizumi is built on the foundation of a supportive, benevolent and genuine community. The team believes a solid community is key to shaping the metaverse. The community is built on trust, collaboration, and respect. Members can share or create content through the platform such as text posts, photos, and videos. Notably, the Kizumi community can express themselves and their creativity without restrictions faced by similar projects. 

 The Kizumi community comprises people from different backgrounds and experience levels who come together and work to become their best selves. Through the platform, members can access educational resources, hold intellectual discussions, and connect with others in the industry to share stories and experiences. 

Notably, Kizumi members congregate in a community called The Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is an exclusive token-gated community that provides its members with access to exclusive information, events, or early updates.  The Clubhouse opens different opportunities in both the physical and meta worlds.  In the Clubhouse, members can hang out with their meta friends and build the reality they desire. 

Currently, the Kizumi team is working on dropping its first NFT collection. The collection has 10,000 pieces featuring Solano-based profile photo NFT art. Holders of the Kizumi Avatar NFT will have access to The Clubhouse and many exclusive perks.