Pay Your Car Loan Payments with Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

BitPay Bill Pay offers the convenience to handle monthly car loan payments in crypto directly to financial institutions using nearly any wallet and with a selection of top cryptocurrencies, available through the BitPay app or directly on our website.

Over 100 million Americans grapple with auto loan payments, often a hefty monthly financial commitment. Now, the BitPay app allows for these car loans to be paid with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, introducing a new level of convenience and efficiency. Discover the simplicity of repaying your auto debt with digital currency in our concise guide to BitPay Bill Pay.

How to Pay Car Loans with Crypto

Getting set up to pay your car loan payments with crypto is fast and simple, and requires only a few steps to get started. 

Step 1: Get the BitPay app and set up your wallet

Download the free app for Android and iOS devices. The BitPay Wallet is self-custody, meaning that you, and only you, control your funds. Easily create a wallet to pay your car loans or import wallets/keys created in other popular self-custody wallet applications like Metamask, Exodus Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. Alternatively, you can make car payments from your browser on the BitPay website. Log into your BitPay account and navigate to the Bill Pay tab from within the personal dashboard.

Step 2: Connect your accounts

In the BitPay app, tap the “Pay” tab and then “Pay Bills”. If you are a new BitPay user, you’ll be prompted to provide basic KYC information. Your information is used to connect your car loan account to your crypto wallet.

Step 3: Pay your car loans with your favorite cryptocurrency

Once your car loans are connected, provider, due date, balance and more details are displayed in the app. Select your car loan, tap “Pay Bill” and enter the amount you’d like to pay. Then choose your preferred cryptocurrency and confirm the payment. It is that easy.

Get the App or Connect on Web to Start

Get Started

Which auto loan providers can I pay with crypto?

You can use BitPay Bill Pay to make loan payments from virtually any lender, including Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes, and practically any other car loan provider.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use to pay off my auto loans?

BitPay Bill Pay supports crypto payments using any a wide range of coins and tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin over the Lightning Network, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Litecoin (LTC), Polygon (MATIC), XRP (XRP), Dai (DAI), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Gemini USD (GUSD), USD Coin (USDC), PayPal USD (PYUSD), Binance USD (BUSD), ApeCoin (APE) and Euro Coin (EUROC). We’re also continually evaluating other coins and tokens for inclusion in this list, so check back often if you don’t see your favorite crypto as an option currently.

Which wallets can I use to make my car payments?

You can make car loan payments right from the BitPay App, or online through the BitPay website if you prefer to bring your own crypto wallet. 

Because the BitPay App provides a self-custody wallet, any other self-custody wallets you’ve created through alternate wallet providers can easily be imported into the BitPay App using your 12- or 24-word seed phrase. You can make car loan payments from the crypto assets contained in any of your imported wallets.

You can also pay car loans through the BitPay website, which is compatible with more than 100 of the most popular and trusted crypto wallets. All you need to do is sign up and connect to your lender. You’ll receive a custom invoice that can be paid using your wallet of choice.

What other bills can I pay using crypto?

BitPay Bill Pay ushers in a golden age for crypto payments, giving users multiple options to seamlessly pay all kinds of bills using their cryptocurrency of choice. In addition to car loans, you can use BitPay to pay your mortgage, credit cards, personal loans, and student loans and more from over 5,000 lenders and service providers.

Credit card bills

With the BitPay Bill Pay, you can connect your credit card accounts and pay your monthly bill from your crypto wallet, no checking accounts required. BitPay supports all of the major credit card providers including Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, Discover and plenty more. See more about paying credit card bills with crypto.

Mortgage payments

Rather than fussing with multiple bank and lender dashboards, simplify making your monthly mortgage payments by using crypto. BitPay makes it easy to pay your home loan with your favorite cryptocurrency even with major banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, Quicken Loans, Bank of America, CitiMortgage and many others

Student loans

If you took out student loans for school, spent your lecture periods trading or buying low, and now want to put those profits to use, you’re in luck. Pay off student loans handled by Navient, Sallie Mae, Discover Student Loans, FedLoan Service and many other student loan providers. See more about paying student loans with crypto.

Personal loans

It’s easy to use crypto to repay personal loans with BitPay, which enables payments with big-name lenders including SoFi, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Avant, Upstart, LendingClub and many more.

Looking to buy a car outright with crypto? That’s easy enough with BitPay.

If you’d like to skip car payments and buy a car outright with your cryptocurrency, plenty of auto dealers across the world will happily accept crypto payments in full.

Lamborghini of Newport Beach – The premier Lamborghini dealer in California. Ferrari North America – Are you ready to spend your crypto on the brand new Ferrari of your dreams? Find the nearest Ferrari dealer to buy your dream car with crypto.RM Sotheby’s – Buy classic, exotic, and antique cars at auction, all with cryptocurrency. Vegas Auto Gallery – The best dealer in Las Vegas specializing in high-line vehicle sales and services.Mecum Auctions – Find the classic collector car of your dreams and buy it with Bitcoin.Post Oak Motors – The nation’s first Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Bugatti dealership to accept Bitcoin payments.Rahal Ducati Indianapolis – Get hooked on the speed and heritage of luxury Ducati motorcycles. Import MarquesEuropean-based prestige car export specialists for both Left-Hand Drive (LHD) and Right-Hand Drive (RHD) cars. Have the perfect car exported straight to your country.Exclusive Automotive GroupExclusive Automotive Group is the Premier Authorized Dealer for Aston Martin of Washington DC and Bentley Washington D.C.

Other ways to spend crypto

By now you should be getting the idea that there are almost no limitations when it comes to paying car loans or other monthly payments with crypto. But your options aren’t limited to necessary recurring expenditures like your mortgage or car loan payment. There’s a whole world of ways to spend crypto out there, and BitPay makes it easy.

Spend direct with BitPay merchants

Shop direct with hundreds of merchants who accept crypto payments through BitPay. Scroll through our Merchant Directory to find your favorite store or brand, then follow the instructions provided on each page. You’ll find top brands like AMC Theaters, Ralph Lauren, Jomashop Newegg and more.

Spend using the BitPay Card

With the BitPay Card, you’ll be able to take your crypto purchasing power wherever you go. Use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and take advantage of perks like cash-back and low- or no-fee ATM withdrawals around the world. It’s also free to get one of your own, and takes just a few minutes.

We’ve temporarily paused new BitPay Card applications while we improve the crypto debit card program. Join our waitlist to get updates. 

Gift cards

If your favorite retailer doesn’t accept direct crypto payments yet, don’t sweat it. With BitPay you can also use the cryptocurrency of your choice to purchase gift cards from a wide assortment of brands including Uber, Walmart, and more. 

Different ways to use the BitPay Wallet app

The BitPay Wallet is the only crypto app you need to buy, store, spend, and swap your digital portfolio.

Buy crypto at low rates

If you want to save money, it’s best to shop around for the best possible rates when buying crypto, but doing so every time you buy takes time and effort. Through its extensive partner network, BitPay does the work for you to ensure you always get the best available price. With our “Best Offer” feature, accessible either through the website or in the BitPay Wallet app, you’ll be presented with multiple offers, all with no hidden fees or excessive markups. All you have to do is pick whichever offer looks best and you’ll be brought to one of our trusted partner sites to finish the transaction.

Store with self-custody

The BitPay Wallet is self-custody, meaning nobody but you will ever have access to your private keys or the crypto-assets they help protect. For crypto users who prioritize wallet security, self-custody is the preferred solution.


Whether you’re paying directly with crypto at your favorite retailer, making crypto payments on car loans or other bills or buying gift cards with crypto, the BitPay Wallet has you covered. Even if you aren’t a BitPay Wallet user you can still make crypto buys and have them sent to any self-custody wallet through the BitPay website.


If you want to take part in a blockchain project or join a crypto community that interests you, chances are you’ll need some small amount of the respective ecosystem’s native crypto token. For instance, if you want to dip a toe into the passive income earning possibilities accessible through the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, you’ll need to hold some Ethereum or another compatible cryptocurrency. Maybe you’re interested in joining a more niche community powered by a smaller, lesser-known crypto token. It used to be you’d have to exchange fiat for a big-name coin like Bitcoin, then exchange that for the smaller token. But within the BitPay app, you can instantly exchange almost any cryptocurrency for any other, with hundreds of swapping pairs available.

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