바이든 행정부, 비트코인(BTC) 국가안보차원 규제–행정명령 준비중

[블록미디어 최창환 선임기자]백악관이 현재 분산돼 있는 비트코인과 암호화페와 관련된 법제와 행정력을 일관된 정책으로 통합해 규제하길 원한다고 비트코인매거진이 보도했다. 비트코인매거진에 따르면 블룸버그는 바이든 행정부가 비트코인과 암호화폐가 내포하고 있는 위험과 기회에 대한…


Axie Infinity devs release governance token for Ronin Blockchain to mixed player response

“SLP still on the ground LOL, if this coin stays like that I’m gonna quit Axie man,” said one disgruntled player. On Thursday, Sky Mavis, the creator of the monster-battle game, Axie…



Blockchain Game Platform QuantumTech Available For Trading On P2PB2B

QuantumTech, the ultimate platform for several play-to-earn games, features Quantum ($QUA) as its native token is now trading on P2PB2B. About QuantumTech QuantumTech, a blockchain game platform linked to the…



The new version of GPT-3 is much better behaved (and should be less toxic)

OpenAI has built a new version of GPT-3, its game-changing language model, that it says does away with some of the most toxic issues that plagued its predecessor. The San Francisco-based lab…

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